To Marvel

Waking up on time and leaving the house without drama. Marvelous.

Deep breathing.  Marvelous.

The woman at check-in making HIPAA policies so much fun that I had wished there was a sequel. Marvelous.

Georgia answering with Silly Putty when the anesthesiologist asked if she had any allergies. Marvelous.

The anesthesiologist being delighted that it was the first time he wrote Silly Putty in a chart. Marvelous.

Fabulous nurses and doctors showing up for work at Seton Hospital. Marvelous.

“I always wanted to wear a hair net!” Marvelous.

Georgia thanking Matthew and me for being there when she came to as if she had just woken up at a dinner party.  Marvelous.

“I’m glad I didn’t die.” Double Marvelous.

Taking a picture of the chalazion floating in the pathologist’s jar. Marvelous.

“I get to keep the socks!”  Marvelous.

The nurse giving us three cool space-age vomit bags to bring home.  Marvelous.

Snuggling up with the girls watching college gymnastics.  Marvelous.

Everything working out.  Marvelous.

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