About Elizabeth Breston

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”  ― Annie Dillard

B73DD103-4C35-4F69-A073-A2BE2C66AE07Turning fifty made me pause and pay attention to the passage of time. I tend to mark my life with the big events on the calendar, even though most of my days fill the spaces between the special occasions. My blog is a way for me to stay in the present, where my life is lived. I chronicle the quirks, small moments, and flares of brilliance that can get forgotten in the daily routine.

I live in Austin, Texas in a half-empty nest, two birds out and twins on the edge, along with a round orange cat, wise, rescued Tibetan Spaniel, and an anxiety-ridden English Bulldog. My essays have appeared in Austin Woman and Barnard Magazine.  

“Each day has a story that deserves to be told, because we are made of stories. I mean, scientists say that human beings are made of atoms, but a little bird told me that we are also made of stories. We are the sum of our efforts to change who we are. Identity is no museum piece sitting stock-still in a display case, but rather the endlessly astonishing synthesis of the contradictions of everyday life.” Eduardo Galeano

7 thoughts on “About Elizabeth Breston

  1. I found your blog a year or so ago, and it stuck with me. I’m three years off of fifty myself (which alternately freaks me out, and doesn’t) and you’ve given me something to think about. (And, I recently started doing yoga. 🙂 ) Anyway I saw a blog post the other day (you may have already seen it – it’s over a year old) and for some reason thought of you. Here it is:
    I haven’t finished mulling it over myself but continue to do so.
    Thanks for your blog posts.

  2. wonderful page, elizabeth. i love your crazy crew and your approach to life and living. i am very much the same. i look forward to reading more from you – best, beth

    • Hi Beth, I see your smiling face at all the same blogs that I like so we must have a lot in common – virtual tribe members. You are in Michigan, correct? We have a house in Grand Rapids and are planning on visiting more as the girls get into high school. I truly appreciate your support.

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