A Fresh Start

“Life is like a pencil without an eraser.” – Lila Breston

I subscribe to Lila’s Pencil Theory of Life. Once the line is on the paper there’s no going back. That’s why I love a fresh start.  A fresh start is different than a second chance. A second chance implies fixing the drawn line or finding a new pencil under the couch cushion.

A fresh start is a new piece of paper, same eraser-less pencil. For me, New Year’s Eve is the ultimate fresh start. I love the promise of a blank slate. Introspection and penance can be left behind with the last days of December. January first is a time of optimism and forward momentum.

I welcome the next 365 days neatly packaged in twelve canvases yet to be filled. I’m eraser-less and ready.  Whether 2014 offers a fresh start or a second chance, may you cultivate the stamina and grace that it takes to be human.

End Note:  Another of Lila’s Theories – How Life is Like a Grape

“First you start out small and sour, like a whiny 3 year old, then you get bigger and bigger and juicier and juicier. When you are juicy enough, you start growing into the raisin stage. The raisin stage isn’t so bad. You are wrinkly but sweet and then you are made into an oatmeal cookie and it’s all over.”

I took the photo in the morning on Lady Bird Lake, Austin, TX.

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